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Our services break down broadly into two categories: Psychological Assessment (also referred to as Psycho-Educational Assessment) and Treatment (also referred to as Psychotherapy).

Psychological Assessment:

The purpose of a psychological assessment is to determine your child’s unique pattern of strengths and needs, in order to determine how to best support their learning and development. An assessment with our practice consists of a full assessment of cognitive skills, learning, information processing, memory, and socio-emotional/behavioural functioning. We also evaluate whether criteria are met for any particular diagnoses (e.g., ADHD, Learning Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, etc.). The assessment includes interviews, testing with the child, as well as parent/teacher questionnaires and a comprehensive report. The report includes specific recommendations on how to address the child’s needs both at school and at home. We are well-known in the community for our diagnostic expertise and for our user-friendly reports. We are happy to provide consultation services to schools if requested.

The total cost of a psychological assessment is $2925.00. We bill at a rate of $195.00/hour for a total of 15 hours (which includes the time spent testing as well as report writing, etc.). Psychologists fees are not covered by OHIP but you may be able to seek reimbursement for some (or all) of the fees through your extended health benefits. Receipts are provided for all services. We accept cash, cheque or Etransfer.


Our orientation to psychological treatment can best be described as an evidence-based approach. An evidence-based approach is an approach that uses scientifically validated tools and techniques while focusing on clients’ individual characteristics and needs. Psychological treatment and consultation may be accessed for many different types of issues. Such issues may include challenges with anxiety and depression, relationship/family problems, stress and anger management, sleep and eating problems, as well as trauma and abuse. In addition, psychological treatment can also be used to address behavioural and social challenges associated with attention-deficit disorders and autism spectrum disorders.

If you are seeking psychological treatment or counselling, you (and/or your child) will meet anywhere from one to three times in order to collect the information that is needed to understand your (and/or your child’s) problems and concerns. Following the last of these sessions, the therapist will discuss the treatment plan. The treatment plan will include the goals of therapy, time course (e.g., frequency of sessions), involved participants (e.g., combination of individual sessions for child with parent-child session) and therapeutic approach (e.g., Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy). You have the right to ask for information about your treatment plan and progress at any time.

The fee of psychological treatment and counselling is $195.00 per session. Unless otherwise discussed with the therapist, a session is 50 minutes of face-to-face contact and 10 minutes for documentation of activities. The rate also applies to time spent in indirect service, which includes extensive telephone consultation with clients or collateral sources, completion of forms for insurance or other purposes (during or following the course of treatment or assessment), and preparation of documents including consultation reports and letters. 

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